Make tough times
A little easier

We are here to help make difficult times for families a little easier by providing financial support to families whose child is battling cancer.

Helping Where It’s Needed Most

It is our hope that a family afflicted by cancer, can put their energy into caring for their child, instead of struggling to pay bills or ordinary living expenses.

We’d love it if you’d help us to make this happen.

Upcoming Events

You can always support us by joining our non-profit events. Your support will contribute to helping families in crisis and help to give them hope.

Our Care Program

We’ve helped 1,541 families to date with the financial support of $943,708.

Our Mission

During the stressful time of a child battling cancer, we bring financial relief to their family, which allows them to focus on their child battling cancer. 


Our Online Auction is now over, thank you to everyone who participated in this event! We surpassed our goal of raising over $10,000!


With our Growing Smiles winter season completed, we hope everyone enjoys their Christmas plant décor. Our spring flower event will be in May 2022!



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