Welcome to the 7th Annual Friends United to Conquer Cancer Annual Fundraiser. Since the arrival of another little addition to the family, we have opted to do an online fundraiser. Friends United to Conquer Cancer raises about ¼ of the funds that Helping Families Handle Cancer supplies to workers at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, as part of their Financial Assistance Program. We are still committed to supporting this great cause and helping these families that have a child battling cancer, even though we are not hosting a physical event this year.

Friends United to Conquer Cancer was founded in memory of Trevor and Rick Quinn and all those who we have lost along the way.  Friends United to Conquer Cancer (FUC Cancer) has a purpose, to raise money for charities that are working to support those impacted by cancer. This year’s proceeds will be going to a charity near and dear to ours hearts, Helping Families Handle Cancer. They are a non-profit foundation that helps families who are struggling to make ends meet when their child is battling cancer.

Please help us today by making a donation to help this wonderful charity.

Thank you – Megan Engblom & Scott Quinn


Supporters Wall:

The Kanovsky Family Foundation $9,000
Crist Family Foundation $5,000
Agra Risk Realty $1,250
Brent & Olivia Yano
Cheryl McIntyre
David & Faye Osiowy
Hugh MacGregor
Thea Wingert
Sandy & Don Dixon